Christensen Has The Skills To Be Constable



Everyone knows that there are four candidates for Payson regional constable. It is late enough in the game that most have decided who they will be voting for.

However, I encourage you to look closely at each candidate and what will make them qualified to do the job that you and I pay for. That is right, we as taxpayers pay the paycheck for the constable position. The position doesn’t require law enforcement background that three of the them are touting to have. It requires business knowledge, people skills and budget management knowledge. I myself don’t want to see my tax dollars being wasted.

That being said, Kevin Christensen is my choice for Payson regional constable. He has the people skills to be compassionate. He has been a business owner and understands the hours it takes to keep it operating all while staying in the budget. He has shown the most interest in the job, making office visits, asking questions and riding along with Constable Brewer several times. He understands that papers have to be served at all times not just when you choose to work.

I am well aware that Constable Brewer is not backing any one candidate for his replacement. Please, as a voter, don’t be fooled by three of them using his name that qualifies as endorsement. It doesn’t!

Amy Lloyd


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