‘Halfway Party’ Was A Huge Success



Photo courtesy of Dean Shields

Alex and Irma Armetta, John (Marksbury) and Kathy, and Rod Britain hosted “The Halfway Party” Aug. 7.

Hello again, fellow Creekers.

A huge pig roast (well everything roast really) event was sponsored by Alex and Irma Armetta, John (Marksbury) and Kathy, and Rod Britain on Aug. 7.

This was the first barbecue open to the public since 1988, with 144 attending at last count, but people were still coming after that count. A lot of out of town visitors that used to live in the Creek, Olive and John Matus were there, Ronnie McDaniel, Ray and Jeanne McDonnel, the Boeshilings from the OW Ranch, Patty and her husband.

Some people hadn’t seen each other for many years. And a lot of locals of course showed up. It was great to get together for a happy, fun-filled occasion with great music provided by BudLight John (Marksbury).

Good food and good friends. No special occasion, they just called it “The Halfway Party” ’cause it was between holidays. The menu was pork, turkey, elk and venison prepared in a hand-dug, deep-pit barbecue, with tons of side dishes and desserts. Even with an enormous amount of food, the late-comers didn’t get to eat ’cause it was all gone by the time they got there. It rained a lot, but that did not deter one person from this fantastic event.

Christopher Creek offers the perfect and unique combination of friends, family and community being able to get together for big events, catching up and fun, and at the same time, provide a quiet, peaceful place to rest and relax. I can think of no better combination than that.

It is also looking like the Landmark (or whatever it is to be called as I have very limited knowledge on this) is really making some headway. On Monday I saw at least three construction trucks there and a few guys working there.

While I have no real information on the subject, I would think it is very conceivable that it will be open for next summer. This will be terrific in terms of providing one more thing to do in Christopher Creek. Perhaps we really will be back on the map (although I can never see us being much more than a blip).

Speaking of maps and Christopher Creek. Just as a heads up, many of the GPS and online maps do not give accurate information. I forget exactly which one it is, but one of the online maps actually directs people down Moonlight Drive in Star Valley. I do have it on good authority that the latest Garmin software does include us (guess we’re moving up to the big time).

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