Immigrant Policies Not Working



It has been a long time since I have been involved politically.

Although, I really do not think this is about politics. This is about the law. I am not a law-abiding fanatic, though I think they should be followed. Or, they can be changed through proper channels. I’m talking about illegal immigration.

We have, as a nation, welcomed millions of immigrants; in fact, our country is built on this idea. There is a way to come and be welcomed into our country. It takes some time and I guess it can be difficult. But, as a nation, we need to protect our citizens and our country. By entering the country illegally, our government has no idea of who you are or what your intentions are. I’m not saying everyone who comes into the U.S. illegally has bad intentions nor is a bad person. Although, coming into this country without proper papers or the right procedure is illegal. Which means they have no respect for our laws.

An analogy I can use is: I have an old, beat-up car. I look around and see that there is a nice, new car. So I take the new car, and because I am pretty smart, I put my old license on the new car. I drive the new car; put gas in the new car, so it must now be my new car. I do this for one month, six months, or one year. Then I get stopped in my new car by the police. Did the car, because I have had the car for awhile, become mine? No. The illegal alien is stealing a citizenship, which is more precious and valuable.

Now, Arizona has passed a law (SB 1070) to help aid the federal government in the fight against illegal immigration. The federal government is overwhelmed with the illegal immigration problem. I not saying it is right or wrong, that is for our court system to decide.

Although, some states, popular or powerful people want to influence this law by withholding events, appearances, and money. How childish! It is like playing a baseball game when we were kids. And someone does not like how someone else is playing. Whines and cries and walks away taking second base with them. Not caring what the umpire might decide.

Some people are talking about amnesty, again? Back in 1986, President Reagan gave about 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty. With that bill the government would also strengthen the border, be tougher on illegal immigrants, and harsher on company’s employing illegal immigrants. This would curtail the influx of illegal immigrants. Obviously, this has not worked.

I don’t know the answer to this situation. I’m sorry, that the illegal immigrants feel so oppressed, they flee their country. Maybe, they should stay and change their government. Change the way their country treats them. Vote out corrupt politicians, who will then relieve corrupt police of their duties. Maybe revolution is in the air? But, that will not happen if people leave their country.

Jim Bohanon


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