Jobs Bill Does Not Address The Most Pressing Problem



The $26 billion jobs bill was recently approved. Like the health care bill, it does not address the most pressing problems our states have, which are the unions.

This “free” money will undermine state control of education and put off much-needed reforms and firings at the state, district and school level.

The teachers unions have fought tooth-and-nail against any meaningful change to their comfortable status quo, while students and taxpayers pay the price, they stand to gain $100 million from this bill.

Instead of the necessary reform, the government is offering money to keep teachers in the classroom ... all the while ... loading this bill with “gotchas” that will trap our states into massive debt.

The prospect of starting school a few teachers down can be unnerving, but funding an increasing portion of teachers’ salaries from federal coffers isn’t helping us in the long run — just delaying the inevitable.

This bill will be a deadly bill for every state that accepts the money. Contact your governors and tell them this is just another Trojan horse from the government and that you want reform and the right to manage our schools the way we see fit.

Judy Oconnell


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