Payson Council Bans Fireworks, Imposes Big Fines


The Payson Town Council Thursday moved to permanently ban fireworks in town, despite a state law giving towns the right to legalize fireworks if they wanted.

The council acted quickly to shut the door on the fireworks option, since Payson remains hedged by thick forests often tinder dry when July 4 rolls around.

The state Legislature found time amidst all the blaze of budget crisis to offer towns the option of legalizing fireworks, despite the state’s long history of dangerous wildfires that peaks in June and early July.

The new state law would make fireworks legal unless towns act to ban them, starting in November.

The Payson Town Council opted for a stringent restriction that would make setting off almost any type of firework a Class 1 misdemeanor.

The town could impose a fine of $2,500 on an individual or $20,000 on a business or corporation that violates the restriction, along with a possible six-month jail term.


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