Michelle Dyer Is Best Candidate For Constable



I would suggest that Michelle Dyer is the best candidate for Gila County constable. She has 31-plus years of service as a law enforcement professional. She has been a deputy constable for the Gila County constable’s office under two different constables. She has an associates of arts degree and has attended Durham Business College.

She has demonstrated excellent ability to manage the most serious of criminal cases as well as administrative investigations. She has demonstrated the ability to manage people in many types of situations from seriously abused victims to vicious criminals. She has experienced all aspects of courtroom process and procedures. She knows how to enforce civil process and locate the people involved who many times hide from the courts.

To think that the skills associated with being a excellent investigator are not necessary to the job of constable is a mistake. Don’t be confused with statements to the contrary. Michelle Dyer is by far the best-qualified candidate for constable which is a law enforcement position. Her qualifications do apply to the law enforcement duties of the office of constable.

On a personal note, I am a retired police sergeant with 29 years of experience, all locally. I have worked with Michelle and two of the other candidates. I am highly impressed with the professional, kind, caring and very knowledgeable manner in which she always performs both professionally and personally.

She is not a politician but a concerned citizen, wife, mother and fellow law enforcement officer with a long proven record of ethical values and extensive knowledge. I have no doubt that she will, if elected, always make decisions which are in the best interest of Gila County and its citizens.

Please join me in voting for Michelle Dyer for Gila County constable.

Todd Bramlet


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