National Guard Is Pawn In Political Process



What good will a token number of National Guard troops on the border do for our state and for solving the illegal immigration problem? Will they do like the last time and spend their time reading maps in some air-conditioned office building, or will they actually be out there beating the brush for drug trafficking human mules and border jumping illegal aliens.

The last time this happened it made no appreciable difference in the number of border incursions and/or the number of illegal trespassers apprehended. There was no large issue of arms and ammunition and no large number of border jumpers captured by these Guard troops. In fact, they were really nothing but a political salve on the problem.

It is not the Guard’s fault that more was not accomplished. They were just pawns in the overall political process and will probably just snap to, salute, and march off smartly again this time.

If the big spender group back in Washington was interested in curing the border problem, they could take some of the returning troops from Iraq and after a generous R&R period, send them to the border with live ammunition to interdict the drug and infiltration routes. Bet that would really shrink the illegal numbers and stop a lot of the drugs headed north.

The D.C. politicians could always claim they were just helping our troops stay in top form and condition, while sending a diplomatic message to the president of Mexico that we were trying to help him stem the northern flow of drugs, since it looks like he is having a real problem in that department. Think that would be nice of us as he has no problem with telling us how to run our country.

John Oppertshauser


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