Payments Arrive With Direct Deposit – No Matter What


These days, almost everyone gets their benefit payment by direct deposit. Whether you receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can depend on your payment arriving in your account on time, every time.

If you don’t already have direct deposit, there are good reasons to sign up. For one: less money and time spent driving to the bank to cash your check helps you save. Second: fewer paper checks, envelopes and stamps, and less fuel to deliver the checks means less waste and pollution for the environment.

Hurricane season is here for some areas. Other areas bear the brunt of flooding. Some areas of the nation are plagued by tornadoes, and still others must deal with wildfires, severe thunderstorms, or even earthquakes. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the line of a natural disaster, the last thing you want is for your income to be interrupted because of an evacuation or a missing mailbox. With direct deposit, you know your payment will be in your account on time no matter what.

When on vacation, direct deposit ensures payments will be deposited into your account on time, so there’s no reason to worry about the safety of your benefit or to ask a neighbor to look out for your check when you are away.

As an added bonus, many banks offer free checking accounts for people who use direct deposit because it saves the bank the cost of processing paper payments. Plus, the payment probably will show up in your bank account sooner than a paper check will appear in the mailbox… and there’s no need to cash it. It’s already in the bank.

Skip the line at the bank, save money, get your payment faster, and know you can depend on your payment being in the bank no matter what. You can do all of this with direct deposit. Learn more about it at


Pat Randall 6 years, 4 months ago

There was a lady in Tonto Basin that had checks bouncing every where because SS did not direct deposit her check. Decided she was dead. Took her a while to get that straightened out. My husband and I always got ours on the day they were due.
Since he has been in a assisted living home, and his check direct deposited it does not always get there on the same day. Big mistake when I had it changed to direct deposit. I still get mine in the mail. Prefer to take care of my own business. I am thinking of having his changed back to US mail.


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