Vote Intelligently And Prayerfully



Americans have yet another opportunity to change the current economic and political affairs of our state and nation. All congressional seats are up for re-election, approximately one-third of Senate seats and at least 30 gubernatorial seats, not including state offices.

We were blessed by the men who founded this country and established our form of government with incredible divine wisdom and foresight to grant “we the people” the right to decide who will represent us. When a man or woman becomes abusive of his/her privilege as an elected voice for the people, we can vote them out!

So it is with (today’s) primary election, Aug. 24. There are several grass roots people running for congressional seats and one for U.S. Senate, Jim Deakin. He is running against John McCain and JD Hayworth, two career politicians who have spent that past few months exposing themselves with their mudslinging.

Mr. Deakin is a small business candidate dedicated to reducing the federal government in Arizona, empowering the state to bring in new business and industry and stop the bailouts and debt cycles. His Web site is

We must make informed decisions by voting for men and women who will be constitutional representatives. Unless we step outside the box of familiarity, we will continue in our decline of freedom and perpetual indebtedness until we are no different than the countries our proud and dedicated servicemen and women are dying and being wounded in to allow those citizens self-governance and freedom from terrorism. Not to forget our state and local police who encounter daily assaults on our legal system.

For instance, in June our local police apprehended several illegals working locally. Thank you! Now, the jobs held by those illegals are being done by legal American citizens happy for an opportunity to work. Shane is very happy to have her job!

We have allowed saboteurs to enslave us and generations after us. Complacency, indifference and lack of diligence have allowed men and women who care only for power and money to rule over us. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” Thomas Jefferson

Vote intelligently and prayerfully Aug. 24 and show bureaucrats who think money can maintain their power that “the people” are still in charge and they work for us!

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unwarily enslave themselves.” Dresden James

Janet Williams

Payson Tea Party


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