You Made My Day



This letter is long overdue, but I’m thinking and meandering as any 90-year-old will do. I really want to thank Terry and Duke Wilbanks for use of the downtown Lone Pine Hotel and its spacious grounds. Many of us who have been over there love the place.

The only objection from a long line of customers, at least one more bathroom so we can form two lines in separate directions. Those portable potties just don’t cut it for us oldies. For a long time I have felt that the city should buy this place. Do needed repairs, like a new bathroom. This way the old-timers would always have a place to go. Those Wilbanks boys are a credit to their parents and Grandpa Dallas. I’ve known them since they were little stinkers. My daughter Karen grew up with them. Dukie has always been her big brother protector. I can’t thank you boys enough for what you did for all of us on July 10. Celebrate my birthday.

Terry’s beans, both batches, hot damn, did they go fast. Roy George Haught, the master of meats, did his usual fantastic job. It was more than delicious. Now that barbecue sauce made by Clayton Randall is the best this side of the Mogollon Rim, bar none. And I ain’t jiben ya one bit.

I do have a secret though. The cole slaw came from Kentucky Fried.

Now the people who brought desserts are to be acclaimed also. Freda I was so looking forward to wrap my jaw around a bite of your carrot cake and I never got a smell. Now that sucker was long gone from the beginning.

Some of you brought gifts. You were not supposed to, but I sure enjoyed them.

Printing by George filmed the whole event and caught my grandson stealing a bottle of wine on film. Thank you. Now let’s finish the book. We had fun with that one. The most talked about, filmed, and clamored about was the hilarious paper caricature of me by Fran Cahalan. You are a darling. My family came from WY, CO, WA, KY, NM, CA, AZ and don’t forget those from Callas, Texas. All of you made my day. Thank you. Holding my great granddaughter Chloe, was one of the biggest thrills of my day. Those of you who didn’t make it, I’ll get even. I love you.

Jim York


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