Dominoes And Sonni’S Sightings Around The Creek



Photo courtesy of Pat Guevara

The annual Domino Duel featured twenty-five ladies sharing fun and laughter and enjoying a delicious potluck.

Twenty-five ladies attended the annual Domino Duel between the Christopher Creek domino group and the Domino Divas at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship on Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 1 p.m. The afternoon started with a delicious potluck. Five ladies played at each of the five tables. They played either Chicken Foot or Mexican Train dominoes. After two games, the two ladies with the highest scores (the losers) moved to the next table. There was lots of fun and laughter as the ladies played until 4 p.m. Gifts were awarded at the end of the day.

The next dominoes will be played in the Christopher Creek area at the home of Pat Guevara at 1 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 25. Bring a snack and enjoy a fun time from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more information contact Pat at (928) 478-4122.

Sonni’s Sightings

This is a new section I’m going to call, Sonni’s Sightings. Longtime chef at Creekside Anthony and Annie are settled in their house down in Laveen. Anthony is still working at the state hospital. Mom Patricia is hoping for grandchildren now.

Parking at the new mortuary will be eased as golf carts, ATVs and such are the “in” thing now. Speaking of golf carts, the very first golf cart in these parts was Loren and Rose DeRosier’s. It was a pink wonder, with a fringe on top. Sandy and Jack Kalmar zip around every day on theirs, as do Bobby Collins and Nancy Culver.

The Pulido family has cleared their lot across from the water tank. It was a jungle of trees swallowed by grapevines. Good place for the kids’ playhouse.

Out walking every day are Leo and Mary Wenning. Leo was our bingo caller, when there were Saturday night games up at the fire station.

Larry and J.J. Hannum didn’t celebrate their 30th anniversary on Aug. 2. Their gift arrived on July 28, a granddaughter, Alicia Jane, born to Sierra and Chana Flores. Congrats to all involved.

Here’s some information from the archives: on March 30, 1984, “Bob and Ruth Cowell managers at the Christopher Creek Lodge say they’ll have three new cabins opening Memorial Day. John Matus finally got Sweet William moved and will start building cabin 5 at Creekside. Jim and Barbara Wheeler have 10 spaces ready in their park. Clay and Ellie have four spaces. And the Cameron Stable isn’t opening this year.”

And back to present day, there’s a dog in town with pink toenails.

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