Sweet Delights At My Sister’S Bakery



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Terri Steely, “the cake lady,” recently opened My Sister’s Bakery.

Move over all vegetarian options and small, hard cookies. A new baker is expanding the former Red Elephant’s menu selection from classic European baked goods to all-American, just like Mom used to make.

From chewy chocolate chip cookies to fruit pies and inventive, custom cakes for all occasions, bakery proprietor Terri Steely is making the once Red Elephant her own with My Sister’s Bakery, at 1101 S. Beeline Highway.

Steely has expanding on her predecessor Leonie Dobbins’ idea: offer residents a casual, homey café and bakery where they can drink tea from real teacups on dainty doilies all surrounded by cases and cases of tempting baked goods.

“I want it to be sensory overload when customers come in so they want one of everything,” she said. “I am working on getting it jammed full of all good stuff.”

Steely, who worked for Dobbins a year before Dobbins decided to sell the business and become a baker at Healthy Perspectives, said it has always been a dream of hers to own her own bakery and deli.

“She wanted to bake, so she left and asked if I wanted to go too,” Steely said. “I said this looks like the opportunity to go for it. I have wanted to open a bakery for awhile.”

After taking over the café in early August, Steely has had time to paint the walls a nude color, shift a few display cases around and put up a few new decorations. Other than those cosmetic changes, the tables, chairs and plate settings remain the same.

Customers tell Steely they are so happy she kept the café going because there is no other place in town with its atmosphere.

In the kitchen, Steely is whipping up a few new savory and sweet treats. The once all-vegetarian menu now offers sandwiches with meat. Customers choose from a variety of toppings, meats, breads, condiments and two sides ($6.50). Vegetarian options, like a Portobello mushroom sandwich are still available.

For dessert, Steely offers sweet, homemade treats including cookies and sweet rolls.

“I offer as close to homemade as it gets,” she said.

For breakfast, 50-cent coffee is available.

Steely said she began baking at age 17. After years of hard work and thousands of cakes later, Steely said she is proudly known as “the cake lady” around town.

“Cakes are an art form,” she said. “I make cakes that are outside of the box.”

Custom cakes include volcanoes that erupt, a cake that looks like a Christmas tree with real lights and the now famous turkey cakes. Every Thanksgiving, Steely bakes up 300 cakes that look like roasted turkeys.

Steely said the turkeys look so real one woman poured gravy over it and put it in the microwave.

For more information, call (928) 478-7157.


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