Screaming Is Part Of Beatles’ Memory


Last weekend, Ann and I had the opportunity to provide musical entertainment at the Festival of Lights celebration in Pine.


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Sheri Earp presents Todd Turlukis with the first place prize in the Salsa Challenge competition, as part of the Festival of Lights in Pine.

This fun, two-day event featured vendors selling their creative wares, a salsa challenge cook-off, the Christmas tree lighting, a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus and a whole lot more.

At events like this, it’s really a lot of fun for me to meet with visitors and vendors alike — learning a little about from where they hail and what their tastes in music are.

I had the good fortune last Sunday to spend a little extra time chatting with Annie Roberts, a vendor from the Valley.

Annie grew up in Orroroo, Australia, population 300. From 1964 to ’67, she attended a boarding school in Adelaide, about 400 miles from her hometown.

If your Beatles’ memory serves you well, you will recall that it was in 1964 that the “Fab Four” from Liverpool became a worldwide phenomenon.

Annie told me, “I was only 13 years old at the time, but I know everyone in Australia was just crazy about the Beatles. I remember signing a petition to invite the Beatles to Adelaide, and later learned that over 125,000 signatures were sent to their promoters.

“Tickets went on sale in June. In Australia, it’s quite chilly at that time of the year, but my friend and I, playing hooky from school, camped in line for three days to get a pair of the only 12,000 tickets that were available for the concert.

“On the day the Beatles arrived, all of the children were given the day off from school. My friend and I were two of the estimated quarter of a million people who lined the streets to welcome the Beatles, as they drove by in their convertible. What an experience!”

I asked Annie what her most vivid memory of the 12,000-seat indoor concert was. She said, “I just remember the deafening noise as everyone immediately started screaming as Paul and the others came onto the stage.”

And Annie’s all-time favorite Beatles song, I asked. She responded, “I have so many, but one of them has to be “Anna (Go To Him).”

This week’s music trivia question is: In 1964, the year the Beatles visited Annie’s native Australia, the band scored an unprecedented six No. 1 hits. Which of the following was not a No. 1 hit for the group that year? A) “The Long And Winding Road,” B) I Want To Hold Your Hand,” C) “She Loves You,” or D) “Can’t Buy Me Love?”

Be caller number five this week with the correct answer and you’ll win a CD of all 20 of the Beatles’ No. 1 hits — a real collector’s item.

Now, let’s check out last week’s music trivia question, which was: Can you name the popular 1980s singer who recorded the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame hit, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun?”

Was this artist: A) Madonna, B) Cyndi Lauper, C) Irene Cara, or D) Susi Carr?

The correct answer was Cyndi Lauper.

Madonna and Irene Cara were also good answers. Madonna is considered Billboard’s top female artist of the 1980s, scoring 17 Top 10 hits, six of which peaked at No. 1. Irene Cara is probably best remembered for her smash hit, “Flashdance ... What A Feeling,” from the 1983 movie, “Flashdance,” starring Jennifer Beals.

Susi Carr is a local Girl Scout leader and was one of the organizers for the Girl Scouts’ recently held “Me and My Guy” dance.

Congratulations to last week’s music trivia winner, Leroy Watson of Pine, who won a “Top Hits of the 1980s” CD. He is a regular caller and has won several times in the past.

I asked Leroy if anything exciting had happened in his life since the last time he won several months ago. He excitedly responded, “You bet! After winning Arizona’s State Chili Cook-Off in June, last month I traveled to New Hampshire for the world competition and took home the second place trophy!” Way to go, Leroy!

Lastly, new pictures I have recently added to my Web site are from the Elks Lodge’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner and from Pine’s Festival of Lights celebration last weekend. Great food and good fellowship prevailed at both events.

Have a great week ahead!

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