Speed Limits Benefit Entire Community When Followed



On Feb. 14, my 1-year-old black house cat was run over and killed. On Nov. 30, my dog, Sarah, a 9-month-old Shar pei American Bull Dog jumped the fence, ran into the street and was struck by a speeding car.

I do accept responsibility for my dog getting out of my yard. But, I would like to remind the good people of Payson that we do have speed limits and it benefits the entire community when they are followed.

I would like to thank my neighbors and community for helping me during this difficult time. Thank you to Brandy for carrying our dog into our house. Thank you to Shawna for contacting us and informing us of what happened to our beloved dog.

I would also like to thank Main Street Animal Clinic for the excellent care of they provided to Sarah.

Let’s work together to make sure our animals are safe by providing a secure environment. Please follow all speed limits so we can have a safe and happy holiday season.

Marissa Mumm


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