Unhappy With Star Valley Speed Camera



Speed cameras send money outside the United States and local towns only keep 18 percent according to the Town of Star Valley’s mayor (when) recently interviewed on KMOG.

We are sending money to Australia (Red Flash Camera) and now in Heber-Overgaard. Parsons Brinkhoff has been petitioning their town council to input cameras on mile marker 309 that would send money to Canada. Parsons Brinkhoff is an infrastructure company that has been getting money from these town councils when these cameras go in.

This is more foreign powers influencing small town councils on how to run Arizona.

My point is, what are they peddling here in Rim Country besides influence and what are these town officials getting besides a camera? What kind of kickbacks are they getting?

Who are the lawyers taking care of these policy changes ... that the American public is not voting on? What (areas locally are being affected because we can’t utilize the) money (collected) on fines? We need to stimulate the economy here in Rim Country.

I get the message loud and clear. Stay clear of Star Valley. Don’t spend money there, especially at the nursery. My petunias cost me $80 when I got a ticket coming out of the driveway there. I got a reduced fine because the officer at the court admitted “it was likely” that the car just ahead of me triggered the camera so they reduced the fine, but the 100 feet I spent on the highway in Star Valley cost me $88 for the petunias I bought.

Debbie Dugger

Editor’s note: According to Star Valley staff, based on a standard $197 citation, Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. receives 16.2 percent of the cut while the state receives 30.6 percent; Star Valley, 43 percent and the state probation fund, 10.2 percent. While the Redflex Holdings Group is based in South Melbourne, Victoria, Redflex Traffic Systems is headquartered in the Valley.


Tim Ehrhardt 6 years, 1 month ago

I drive pass those cameras just about every day, and guess what? They work. I definitely drive slower through there now than I did before, and it's definitely easy to turn out of a place like Plant Fair than it was before. I don't care who's profiting, they serve the true purpose that they are there for.


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