If It’S Not Bush’S Fault, It Must Be Global Warming



Whew, I don’t know where to start. Print media is so much fun. If one listens to those who constantly decry the accuracy of Internet stories, that anyone can post; or the content of TV shows purporting to be unbiased (fair and balanced?) evaluators and disseminators of the news one would think the last refuge of truth, justice and the American way is the daily newspaper and maybe that’s true.

At least today, that may be true, because my comments have nothing to do with truth, honesty or accuracy. They do, however, have to do with some of the comments by news-writers (reporters?) that I found to be, if not dubious, at least humorous:

Page A2, of the statewide edition of Arizona’s largest daily newspaper, always has under the heading “The Green Zone”some very interesting stories, and one of today’s items is no exception:

The feds (whoever they are) have proposed adding two species of seals to the endangered species list (Ringed seals, and two populations of bearded seals, that depend on sea-ice and snow cover in the Arctic Basin and the North Atlantic), due to loss of ice from climate warming. (If it’s not Bush’s fault, then it must be global warming!)

Ringed seals, the article goes on: are the main prey of polar bears, which were listed as threatened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2008.

OK, I concede, this may not strike a funny-bone in everyone, but it did with me. I would like to see mankind concede that his meager attempts at playing God are never going to alter the balance of nature for any appreciable length of time.

I realize my arguments are as futile as their efforts, but I hope that distinction is the only common thread we share.

Phil Pederson


Dan Haapala 6 years, 1 month ago

I have to admit that the title of your post got my attention but then I found it to be another element in the absurdity that seals, frogs, birds, chubs, fish, lions, bears, squirrels, prarie dogs, polecats, et al; are more important the humans. They are not. The Radical environmentalists will say that their existance determines the success of my existance and to that I say Hockey Puck. You can hug em and luv em and all of that but....Man is the only animal on earth that has the mental capacity to control it's own destiny. When the butterflies do, I will concede.


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