Address Complaints And Ideas To Those Elected To Represent Us



Many times I hear friends and neighbors complaining about this and that problem which our elected governing body should or should not address. I often write to our elected people and pass on the complaints I hear and those that I also think of; but a better means of informing our employees (elected men and women) of our desires is for all of us to write such letters.

Such letters do not need a college degree to get your views across and do not need to be long. If you are for something or against something say so. Sign your name and mail it to all three of our national Congress members or to your local government members.

At present our elected people are out of contact of their constituents.

The persons that they are most in contact with are the paid lobbyists. These lobbyists wine and and dine the elected ones and in a way brain-wash the elected ones into thinking that the lobbyists’ idea is good for everyone no matter the cost in taxes or loss of freedom.

All of us should write letters of complaint or ideas and become the greater lobbyists of the present and the future.

C.W. Smith


Bernice Winandy 6 years, 1 month ago

I wholeheartedly agree with C.W. Smith. You should keep track of what elected officials are doing and you should definitely let elected officials know whether you agree or disagree with what the elected official is doing.

What is that saying, "When the teacher is away the students will play?"


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