Balancing The Budget



Reference Payson Roundup, Dec. 14 edition front page: “Lobbyist ... State Budget.” I quote, “The state faces an $800 million deficit in the balance of the current fiscal year and a projected $1.4 billion deficit in the budget year that starts in June.”

I would like to point out that the Honorable Governor Jan Brewer, who carried Gila County by a wide margin, stated unequivocally before the election, “I have balanced the budget.”

We believe her because there can be nothing left to spend money on: education funds have been cut off, state parks are closed, state rest areas have become vacated ghost burgs and all the state buildings have been sold (no more property taxes to pay). Surely the Roundup has received some misinformation about the current fiscal state of the state.

It was further noted in the Roundup on page 2A concerning the Payson budget ... “big projects put into the original (town) budget on speculation remain unrealized — including about $25 million in hoped-for, renewed federal stimulus funds the town included at the suggestion of Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, who was just defeated in her re-election bid by Flagstaff dentist Paul Gosar.

Congressman-elect Gosar has made it pretty clear that he is opposed to the new ASU facility coming to Payson. Other than that, I doubt that he even knows that Payson exists. We saw Ms. Kirkpatrick a lot in Payson, often at the American Legion talking with vets.

Good job to all who voted for the dentist.

Ted Paulk

Editor’s note: Congressman-elect Paul Gosar did not say he was against ASU building a campus in Payson. The following are his quotes used in the story the letter writer refers to. “NAU was supposed to be developing rural campuses. I’m a little confused as to why ASU is involved. I would want to know why ASU is here and not NAU ... I’m kind of miffed at why ASU would be here and not NAU,” Gosar said.


Ted Paulk 6 years, 1 month ago

I stand by my original statement about Gosar. Editor's note only verified my comment. "I would want to know wy ASU is here and not NAU...I'm kind of miffed..." Not a ringing endorsement to my way of thinking.


Ted Paulk 5 years, 8 months ago

Well, gosh, here it is in May and what do you know, Gosar seems to be one of those behind the scenes who, along with Gov Brewer queered the ASU deal. Told you so!


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