Enforcing Immigration Laws Is Hardly A ‘Sideshow’



Your editorial on Tuesday, Dec. 14, expresses your concerns about Arizona’s budget crisis. This is certainly a serious problem, but let’s not down play the financial impact that illegal immigrants have on the state of Arizona.

The cost of illegals to the state has been well documented and yet you fail to address the drain these lawbreakers have on our budget. You state that “lawmakers got distracted by a sideshow debate on the role of local police in enforcing immigration laws.”

Enforcing immigration laws is hardly a “sideshow” but a main concern as resoundingly expressed by Arizona voters supporting Gov. Brewer and outing state legislators soft on illegal immigration. Illegal immigration takes away from our citizens and breaks our laws. It stresses our penal system, takes our jobs, our tax dollars allocated for education and medical services, and our welfare dollars. Without addressing the financial drain that illegal immigrants put on the Arizona budget, we will go the way of bankrupt California.

Enforcing immigration laws is hardly a “sideshow” but an important issue in a realistic analysis of Arizona’s budget crisis.

Sue Thompson


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