Sundras Get Wonderful, Early Christmas Gift


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Well the annual home decorating and cart parade was a huge success! Many homes were decorated and record 36 carts and quads were in the parade. First place for quads was Brian Slaughter and Keith Zelinski, second place was Dave and Pam, third place was Kenny Jacobs, fourth place was Jamie and Glori Surman, and fifth place was Susan Keown.

We’d like to thank our cart judges Dave and Jackie Cedarbaum.


Courtesy of Steve and Shelly Sundra

Ryan Sundra was scheduled to return home this week after completing a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.

First place for the homes was Margot Holmes, second place was Alex and Irma Armenta, and third place was Dennis and Kelly O’neill. The judges for the homes were Judy Tolle and Nanci Olsen — thanks ladies. Most everyone who entered went to the Creekside afterward for some food and drink and to accept their prizes of course!

Steve and Shelly Sundra of Ponderosa Springs, Christopher Creek are very excited to announce the homecoming of their son Ryan on Thursday, Dec. 16. Ryan is with the 173rd Army Airborne division and has just completed his year-long deployment in Afghanistan where he earned his combat infantry badge and a unit citation from the grateful Czech Republic.

The Sundras are extremely proud of their son and his accomplishments while in harm’s way serving our country.

I cannot imagine any better present than to have a son or daughter return safely from serving in the military. Not everyone is as lucky as the Sundras, so perhaps this can be a reminder to thank all service people and their families and serve as an additional reminder to be thankful and kind to others, especially to those less fortunate.

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Thanks again for reading the column.


JOHN EAGER 6 years, 1 month ago

Just wanted to add my welcome home to Ryan Sundra who is one of America's real Hero’s. We can be very proud of all of our servicemen and women who are serving in harm’s way. Welcome home Ryan


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