Payson Community Christian School Needs Help


The administration of the Payson Community Christian School would like to make the community aware of a special board meeting that was held Dec. 17 about the current financial needs of Payson Community Christian School.

While the majority of the school’s families continue to pay in a timely manner, the current recession has taken a toll on several of the school’s families’ ability to stay current.

In an effort to keep the school operating without forced layoffs or cancellation of certain programs, the board is making a plea for donations.

The school currently has a donor offering matching funds in the amount of $63,000. Donations must be received by Dec. 23 at the Payson Community Christian School office in order to be counted and to prevent interruption of school activities.

The school already has received commitments totaling $11,000 from two donors.

Donations may be made directly to Payson Community Christian School, which is a 501(c)(3) or payable to ACSTO, which may provide a potential tax credit to the donor.

Contact the PCCS office and the donation process will be explained further. By bringing either a direct donation to the school or making an ACSTO contribution directly to the PCCS office, it will be possible to double the donations through matching funds.

The ACSTO funds check will be copied for reference, and then sent directly to ACSTO for its funding requirements.

ACSTO contributions may be made online as well by going to, then providing the school of copy of the receipt no later than Dec. 23.

For additional information, contact Patricia Fleeger, director, (928) 474-8050 or


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