Glad School Is Getting Tough On Cell Phone Usage



I was glad to read that our schools will soon have a new “get-tough” cell phone policy in place. If my memory serves me right, classrooms are for education, and not for students (and teachers) to use their personal phones to read e-mail, play games, cheat on tests or send sexually explicit messages and naked photos of themselves to others during school time.

It’s good to see our school district has taken a first step to combat what has become a full blown, nationwide addiction — cell phone use and abuse. Well, at least our Payson schools are trying to put the clamps on what they can control — use of cell phones in the classroom.

And just what are the parents of these “sexting” teenagers doing to monitor their kid’s cell phone use? Probably nothing. Instead, sadly, parents are satisfying their own cell phone and Internet addictions — typing away countless hours in chat rooms, wasting away the night poring through Facebook pictures and inane comments and surfing the net for their own cyber titillation.

Sue Johnson


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