Native Air Introduces New Membership Program


To offset the rising cost of emergency medical care, Native Air has introduced a membership program for residents of Arizona.

Membership covers the out-of-pocket cost of emergency air medical transport services.

OmniAdvantage provides assurance that air medical transport costs are covered for the member and their dependent(s) when air medical transport is required due to an accident or medical emergency.

With the program, Native Air will accept the member’s healthcare coverage payment as full payment, with no additional out-of-pocket charges.

With 21 bases throughout Arizona, including Payson, Native Air serves the state with numerous medically equipped helicopters and staff, as well as several fixed-wing aircraft based in Mesa and Phoenix.

Membership, at $49 a year, includes transport by a Native Air or affiliated program helicopters and can be used in any areas of the U.S. in which Native Air, or its parent company, Omniflight Helicopters, operate.

Native Air offers a discounted annual fee of $39 to fire, police, EMS and hospital personnel, as well as groups of 10 or more and Automobile Association of America (AAA) members.

“A single emergency helicopter transport can be expensive, and people can’t always be sure their health insurance will pay for all of that,” said Mahesh Sadarangani, program director of OmniAdvantage. “But with a $49 annual membership, a member and his or her family can have the security of knowing that if they need an emergency air transport, Native Air will accept their health insurance provider’s payment, and the member won’t have to pay anything above the annual fee.”

OmniAdvantage is like a AAA membership Sadarangani said, noting that just as millions of Americans use AAA as insurance for travel emergencies, they can achieve the same level of comfort for air medical transport services.

Members receive ID cards and bumper stickers, enabling easy identification by emergency medical workers.

More information about the OmniAdvantage program is online at www.omniadvantage or by calling (972) 715-4637.


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