Real Estate Terminology Crossword



1) Good faith monetary deposit towards purchase

5) When a lender takes back a property

7) Abode where you own only to the interior walls

9) Person overseeing sales transactions and agents

10) Person who verifies condition of property

11) No. 1 word in real estate

14) Process to effect sale of property

16) Government plan for a town's layout

18) What a landlord collects


2) County official who oversees deeds

3) Sale for less than what is owed (2 words)

4) Provider of a mortgage

6) Where the heart is

8) Facts provided by seller about a property

12) Proof of ownership

13) Designation given by real estate association

15) First room women look at

17) Cool buzz word in home building


Across: ernest, foreclosure, condo, broker, inspector, location, escrow, zoning, rent

Down: recorder, shortsale, lender, home,

disclosure, deed, Realtor, kitchen, green


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