Spending Time At The Hospital



I recently had the opportunity to spend time in Payson Regional Medical Center and Payson Care Center. We should be proud of the care by the staff of our local facilities. Each and every person gave thoughtful, kind and special attention, both during my stay and continues to do so in my outpatient therapy.

As with all organizations, there are always a few glitches. But overall, we should be thankful for excellent facilities and staff in our own back yard. A very big thank you to all the special people who work at Payson Regional Medical Center!

Doris Z. Lemmage


Andy Towle 6 years, 11 months ago

On behalf of Bo Larsen Director of Marketing and Business Development Payson Regional Medical Center.

Dear Ms. Lemmage,

On behalf of all the health care providers at Payson Regional Medical Center I want to thank you for entrusting us with your care. We take great pride in providing the best customer service, and more importantly, the best care for the community we serve. Our clinical staff is highly skilled and trained to provide the highest level of care right here in our community. Too often in smaller communities there is an urge for a few to travel to a larger city to receive their care under the assumption that it must be better. This is not the case.

We feel the care we provide our community at Payson Regional Medical Center is as good, if not better than the care you would receive at another facility? Why? Besides having excellent staff, physicians and community partners, we are your neighbors and friends. We care for everyone the same way we would expect to be treated.

Thank you, Doris for allowing us to care for you. It has been our privilege.


Bo Larsen Director of Marketing and Business Development Payson Regional Medical Center.


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