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I’ve got a candidate I can truly support for town council and that’s Ed Blair. What most of us want from our elected officials is integrity, willingness to listen and consider our opinions, and a thorough understanding of the issues at hand. I can tell you from personal experience that Ed Blair exemplifies these traits which is a good reason to re-elect him to town council in March.

With respect to integrity, there are no hidden agendas with Ed, no alliances that could cloud his objectivity, no couching his words, no doublespeak. What you see, quite simply, is what you get. He’s a man of his word and honest as the day is long.

With respect to listening and considering our opinions, Ed is known for always returning phone dalls and responding to e-mails. Have you ever taken the time to carefully craft an e-mail with your most organized thoughts on an issue of importance to you, sent it to an elected official only to have it go into a big black hole? That won’t happen with Ed. You will be able to reach him and when you talk with him, you’ll know he’s listened to you and understands where you’re coming from. He’ll even meet with you and/or a group you get together, help you navigate through town government if needed and will sincerely get satisfaction from helping you.

Lastly, Ed works hard on the council. He reads voluminous reports and data sheets relative to town business, studies all sides and, very importantly, asks probing questions. There will be no “rubber stamping” from Ed. His votes will be informed; i.e., reflective of hours of doing his homework and probing into what may not always be transparent.

We’re fortunate Ed is willing to serve another four years. Let’s give him a vote of confidence by a decisive win in the primary which guarantees him a seat in May.

Joanie King


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