Vern Leis



Vern Leis

What makes you a good candidate? What are your qualifications? I have the educational background, work experience and time to dedicate myself to projects that are pertinent to all of Star Valley’s residents.

My business background and experience provide the understanding of building a company/city from the ground up. I have served on various civic boards and professional groups, including the Western Traffic Conference, of which I served as the longest board member, in addition to serving as its president and chairman of the board.

Why do you want this position? I want to be part of Star Valley’s future. Some very talented individuals had the foresight to establish Star Valley, based on some very simple principles: Maintaining our rural identity, protecting our water and preserving our quality of life.

I want to continue to be a part of this vision and the future development of our town.

Many building blocks have been started; however, water, sewer, inter-governmental agreement with Payson, availability of Blue Ridge water and the completion of a master plan are all works in progress. I would like to have the opportunity to see each of these projects through to completion.

What is your No. 1 priority and how are you going to accomplish this?  Star Valley, being only four years old, has more than one priority.

While water was the driving force for the creation of the city, we need to define ALL our current and future needs. Water, sewer, budget development and financial controls, streets and roads, etc. are all priorities.

To complete this, competent decisions based on facts by those representing the town must be used; not emotions.

Once the facts have been established, utilize them to make competent decisions. Prioritize the projects both immediate and for the future without encumbering Star Valley.

What has been Star Valley’s biggest success success? We have had two — the paving of all city roads and an inter-governmental agreement with the Town of Payson for water.

What has been Star Valley’s biggest failure?  Allowing ourselves to be at odds with Payson.

Do you think the area needs more jobs, restaurants or businesses? If so, how do you propose attracting these things? Absolutely yes. Jobs come because of infrastructure growth, i.e., having the necessary utilities, which allow for construction of both businesses and homes.

With the necessary infrastructure in place, we would then be able to develop a plan to encourage businesses to come to Star Valley.

What is your viewpoint on water? Water will always be a critical item for all Arizona communities.

There is no “new” water to be found; however, we must manage and protect what we have.


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