The Greatest Valentine Card Ever


Recently, when picking up a couple of items from the store, I found myself about to pass the “official Valentine’s Day aisle.” Although I was done with my own shopping, my cart seemed to want to turn down this mesmerizing lane. Not quite sure if it was the shock of the items being on display so early in the season, my savvy desire to find a really good bargain price or my craving for sweets that prompted me, but nonetheless, “Here I go.” I almost whispered under my breath, cart leading the way.

My eyes were throbbing by the loud colors bursting in 3D — a definite visual overload. It was a whole new world with pink, red and maroon (deep red for those who are not color connoisseurs). Slowly strolling and looking left and right at the many items on the shelf, the choices, sizes and variety of items all seemed to be endless. There were quite a few gifts of various kinds; including animals, flowers and candy. There was every type of candy known to man from chocolate to non-chocolate, soft to hard, big to small and everything in-between. Each one adorned in unified fitting attire of color.

After moving from the candy section came all kinds of cards. There were the “girlie girlie” boxed cards that usually had pictures of current famous young females of the world. These cards had extra pinks and reds and even purple to round out the cutesiness of their boxes. Then there were the “manly” boxed cards that usually had pictures of the latest movie star, computer game figure or cartoon, and these were a little scarce on the unified colored theme minus the bows.

One thing I did notice, from my perspective, was that each one of those items seemed to fit into four different categories, all relating and uniting in the same Valentine theme: color, gift, sweet treats, greeting cards.

Finishing my tour through this colorful candy and gift aisle, two things came to my mind — one: I was so proud of myself for resisting the temptation of putting my favorite candy in my shopping cart; two: everything on that aisle in some way reminded me of Jesus and His love that supercedes and overflows far beyond any display of human love.

The Apostle John, inspired by God, focuses the writing of his gospel with the clear intention of displaying the deity of Christ with the subtitle of his gospel declaring the love of God.  John is the one that wrote the well-known scripture John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” His hope and desire is to ignite faith in the heart of those who read and those that hear.

Apostle John declared the greatest Valentine ever! Pointing to Jesus on the cross and in bold, highlighted and double underlined it in red. Jesus loves you! Scriptures tell us in the Hebrew, Greek and Latin languages the sign above Jesus’ head read “Jesus of Nazareth The King of the Jews” (John 19:19-20). A present-day analogy in English could be “Jesus Loves You!” Confirming what was done 2,000 years prior is ever present to this very day and future until He returns.

In finding similarities, the four themes represented in the Valentine aisle at the store are the same four themes that symbolize and represent Christ to me.

The Colors

Pink — reminded me of Jesus’ human flesh, broken, torn, crucified on the cross for our behalf. John 19:1-6

Red — reminded me of the blood of His body spilled on the hill of Golgotha. John 19:17-20

Maroon — reminded me of the natural state of blood that has been spilled. When it is fresh it is red, but when it has been exposed for a while it turns darker and a deeper shade of red. That reminded me of how Jesus’ sacrifice is current for today, not just the day He was crucified — His sacrifice on the Cross is still present and active in the present tense. Great news! John 15: 13 “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

The Gifts — reminded me of the greatest Gift given in the world = Jesus. In John 4:10 Jesus describes Himself as the Gift of Salvation to those that are lost.

The Cards — reminded me of God’s Word, the Bible, a confirmation of His love to us as we read and reread it. And as many people may keep a box of cards and mementos given to them by a loved one, God gives us His “box” for us to go to again and again to be reminded of His love for us.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

So I want to ask you:

1) Would you acknowledge that Jesus loves you and commit to loving Him by making Him the Lord of your life?

2) When you see the festive colors of pink, red and maroon representing Valentine’s Day, reflect on the cross and Jesus and then give praise.

3) When you are given gifts this holiday, think of the greatest gift ever given — Jesus; then give Him due praise.

4) As you eat the sweet treats from Valentine’s Day would you meditate on the sweetness of Christ?

Jesus has committed by being your Valentine, would you commit to being His Valentine?


Simone Lake is a full-time minister and serves in the areas of international Bible teacher, speaker, missionary, mentor, chaplain and author (with the goal of publishing one of her books in 2010.) She holds a master’s degree in Theological Studies and attends Church on Randall Place where she serves in various capacities alongside her husband, Pastor John Lake. Read more about her current Bible studies, speaking engagements and upcoming events at: and


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