Payson Is In Trouble



We were burglarized Jan. 20. The policeman told us this is the biggest problem right now with businesses and residential homes.

We were advised a detective would be assigned to the case and would be in touch with us. Today I called to ask if I could get the name of the detective as I would like to speak to him. I was advised by the phone operator that our case has not been assigned to a detective yet because the officers who where here have not finished filling out the burglary report.

Payson residents, we are in trouble. Our police force and fire department have been cut back so only a few will be able to respond to your desperate calls and won’t have time to do their report to start finding the thieves.

We do not blame the policemen. They responded to our call and were at our home doing their job and writing the police report we needed with the case number, but now due to the shortage of work force, they cannot follow up like should be done ASAP.

I realize the budget is tight and some programs had to be cut, but (it should not have been) the policemen who protect and serve, or the firemen who keep your house from burning down or saving your life in an emergency.

They should be on full force with all the burglaries happening since this near depression/recession. God help us. Still upset over the invasion of our personal belongings. Hope the thieves get caught soon!

Mrs. Mary Jordan


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