The President’S So-Called State Of The Union Address



There are two kinds of people who still vote and support our fearless leader and his agendas. There are the so-called smart ones and the not so-called smart ones. The so-called smart ones know exactly what his agendas are, socialism.

The not so-called smart ones are just simple souls who firmly believe all his propaganda and believe in his lies.

Most of them don’t have any understanding of what socialism is, some don’t seem to care, and he just sounds good. Fearless leader’s speech Wednesday (was) nothing more than the same old stuff.

He’s just has not stopped campaigning ever since he was elected. He fears the 2010 election. He will promise all us middle class people all sorts of aid and stuff to get votes. Where is he going to get all this money to do all the B.S.? We super smart ones know exactly where he’s going, socialism, so we vote accordingly.

He sure is following the path of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to socialism-communism, next. As Karl Marx once said “the end justifies the means.” Think about it? P.S. He who ignores history repeats it.

Ed Welge


Doug Dolde 6 years, 11 months ago

Hilarious that they put this drivel under "Latest News"


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