Against School Override



I would like to point out to the Payson Unified School District that we are in a recession. Some of us Paysonites are on a fixed income, or receiving minimum wages, or unemployed. In other words, we are barely making ends meet, especially with the present economic conditions. Employment is hard to come by in Payson, as we are limited in industrial or corporate industry.

Why does the village have to support or be responsible for the community children? Our country is progressing rapidly to a socialistic society. The American people in the past have faced our responsibilities of supporting our families consisting of paying for our children’s education, medical expenses, activities, etc. Now we are requested to be responsible for the community’s children, Hillary’s Village concept, including illegal folks. They already receive free medical benefits by going to the emergency room.

The Arizona government has pillaged various trust funds to try to balance the state’s budget; state parks, motorcycle funds, etc. They also want to increase taxes. People are being laid off or hours cut back; i.e., police, town employees, parks and recreation, fire department, etc.

The town and schools advertised programs whereby people could donate funds for specific projects and specific schools to assist their and the community’s children; Credit for Kids and ACSTO and receive tax credits. I wonder how many parents participated in this program. Have the children participating in sports, music, etc. faced their responsibilities to contribute instead of running around town, partying, going to movies, or doing various fund drives, such as spaghetti diners, car washes, etc.?

Some of us had to work to pay our tuition in high school, college and other educational courses. What about establishing the voucher system? Why is our public schools having extreme difficulties in finances, but also in meeting standards set by the state, however, private and charter schools do not. More parents are home-schooling now. “Very interesting.”

Comments have been expressed the teachers may have to have classes with more than 25 students. Oh heavens, please say it cannot be true! Some of us went to a private school where the class consisted of over 40 students. I do admit that discipline was exercised. Parents were involved!

I am against the override issue as I think it is unfair to us who have no children in Payson schools, we have already paid for our children’s education, high school, college, whatever. Also the override constitutes to allowing over spending in certain areas of the school’s budget, i.e., nurses, library, equipment, etc.

David L. Tovar


frederick franz 6 years, 11 months ago

I totally agree! Vote "NO" on the school override tax. -Fred


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