Shame On Christopher-Kohl’S Fire Department



The winter storm that dumped 4-plus feet of snow on the Christopher Creek area during the week of Jan. 18 through Jan. 23 is the largest storm I can remember in the past 14 years.

I personally know of eight people, some elderly and retired, who were completely stranded with no phones, power or a way out because of the snow. Remember cell phones don’t work in the area. The Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department did not bother to put into effect an emergency plan for the area (if they even have one).

This kind of non-action during a declared state of emergency by the governor and the Gila County Board of Supervisors is unacceptable by any standards.

When the department’s safety office tells me after after the fact “I knew this was snow country and if I didn’t like it here, I could move.” Is especially appalling. I take exception to this type of attitude and that kind of statement and something needs to be done about it.

When checking in with the fire department, the fire personnel were watching videos on their new wide screen TV. When asked if they were planning on doing welfare checks, I was told that they didn’t do them and if people needed help, they could call. Of course phones were out for approximately two days.

They also told another 80-year-old homeowner that needed help getting his plow out, that they didn’t do that type of work.

I want to commend Hellsgate Fire Department in the Tonto Village area for their fire department’s concern and care of homeowners. It’s too bad the Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Department was not as concerned and professional. Many taxpayers are very unhappy with this type of non-response to emergency situations.

Probably during the purchases of fire vehicles during the last year, a snow vehicle should have been included rather than some of the unnecessary equipment that was purchased.

David Lloyd

Hunter Creek/Christopher Creek


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