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It seems that with all the bad weather, a few of the javelina herds have been displaced. In the last three weeks, we have seen two different dogs that have tangled with a herd. In both of the cases we saw, the incidents were right in the front yards of their homes.

One of the dogs belongs to one of our employees, and the other dog now resides with us. Both were very lucky, because their wounds were not life-threatening and they were current on all of their shots. Even so, their wounds were very painful and required veterinary care, as well as a 45-day home quarantine.

If dogs attacked by javelinas are current on their rabies vaccinations and get a booster, they can do a 45-day home quarantine. But if they are not current on their rabies, a 180-day quarantine is required in the county facility in Globe, at a cost of approximately $1,300. During this quarantine period, the dog will receive very little interaction with any persons, including their owners. Needless to say, this can be a very traumatic and life-changing experience for your animal.

The importance of keeping your animals up-to-date on their shots cannot be overstated. Fortunately, both of the dogs we’ve seen were current on all their shots, but many are not. In our rural town, there are many wild animals that share the community with us. Any time you allow your animal to roam alone in your neighborhood, you are putting them at risk of meeting up with a wild animal. Statistics show that 2009 had the most cases of reported rabies since they began keeping records. There were 280 verified cases of rabies in Arizona in 2009 — that’s up from 86 cases in 2008. Even the cats who go through our TNR program are given a rabies shot.

And, of course, any animal adopted from HSCAZ will not only be current on their shots, they will also be spayed or neutered as well as have a micro-chip implant for identification. You see, we believe that animals should have every opportunity at a good life, including proper maintenance — “Because They Matter.”

If you have any questions about any of our beautiful animals, or how you can help them by donating your time or money. Please call us at (928) 474-5590 or you can come see us at 812 S. McLane Road. You can also find us on the Web at www.humane Mail your donations to us at P.O. Box 242, Payson, AZ 85547.


Louie is a 2-year-old Basenji mix that was recently turned over by his owners due to their health issues. They originally found him in Michigan, running on the freeway. Louie is an outgoing, energetic dog who needs plenty of exercise and room to run and play. He does well with other (submissive) dogs and older children, but not cats. He is crate trained and is used to being kenneled at night. He can be a bit protective of his food, but otherwise is playful and affectionate. He likes to chew, so he will need plenty of toys and chew bones to help. Louie is current on all vaccinations, is neutered, house and leash trained and rides well in a car.


Trooper is a 1-year-old Border Collie mix. He was turned over by his owner because she had to go on the road for business and wasn’t able to always take him along. Trooper is an outgoing, active dog who needs an adequate amount of space to run and play. He is a fun-loving dog who likes the water and snow. He is good with other dogs and children, but not cats. Trooper is very intelligent and eager to learn, so he would make a great sports dog and would exceed in agility. This sweet boy travels very well and enjoys riding in the car. He is house and leash trained and also neutered and current on his shots. Do you think he could live with you?


Bronson is an easygoing 2-year-old Boxer/Shepherd mix. He was picked up by Animal Control on Jan. 27 and no one came to reclaim him. At first, Bronson was a little scared, but he warmed up quickly to us once he realized he was in good hands. Bronson is a very gentle boy with good manners and a sweet personality. We feel he may do better in a home with older children and no cats. We encourage you to bring your dog if you have any when you come to meet him so we can be sure everyone will get along fine. How about adding Bronson to your household?


Freckles is a 7-year-old Bulldog mix. Unfortunately she was turned over by her owners because they were having issues with the landlord. Freckles has been around other dogs and children her entire life and she is very well behaved and affectionate. She loves to ride in the car, walks and sunbathing. Hey, a girl needs to work on her tan, ya know! She is also house and leash trained, spayed and has all of her shots. She is a sweet, easy going gal who often sings and talks to you, especially when on a walk. Please give this gentle, loving girl a chance. Before embarking on an amazing relationship with this great girl, please prepare your house with toys and treats!


Sparky first came to our shelter when he was just 10 weeks old. He and his four brothers were part of an unwanted litter that was brought here in December of 2008. Ten days after he was turned over to us, he and one of his brothers were adopted together. On Jan. 15 of this year, Sparky and his brother got out of the yard and ended up being cornered by a pack of javelina. Sparky was the only one who was attacked, but his injuries were serious. The dogs were brought to the shelter that evening by a police officer, but unfortunately our staff was not aware of this and didn’t get to the shelter to notice his injuries until the next morning. Sparky was in shock and if it hadn’t been for an unexpected visit from a local vet, he would have died. He was sedated and his wounds were cleaned. He was given fluids and slowly began to stabilize. His owners decided to turn him over to us since he continually got out of the yard and because of his recent run-in with the javelina. Sparky really is a great dog. He is good around children of all ages. He gets along with other dogs and often went to the dog park to play with his friends. Since he originally came from us, he is neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. Sparky is on a medical quarantine until the beginning of March.


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