School Override Necessary For Future



We are retirees, living on a fixed income, and have to be concerned with every penny that we spend. Times are tough for us and everyone else. We understand that completely. But we also understand our civic responsibility to invest in the future of our community by voting yes on the school district override. How can we not, in good conscience, agree to give $67 a year to help divert the financial destruction facing “our” schools. We can sacrifice $1.30 a week (the price of a loaf of bread) or 18 cents a day so that Payson children can have a better education.

It was recently noted in a published document that the PUSD superintendent and board were “understanding” when they did not seek an override last summer. We appreciate that they were astute enough to know that attempting to pass an override then, based on the budget and financial information that was known at the time, was not the right direction for the Payson community. However, the school funding situation is much more clear now than it was then, and with that clarity comes the frightening awareness that failure to pass the override now will result in a financial fiasco for Payson schools.

Most important to us is that this override money stays here in Payson for use with our population only. It cannot be taken over by any state or federal entity and redirected to other budget concerns. Expenditure of this override money will be decided by local citizens with our unique needs in mind.

In our community we ban together when there is any kind of disaster, whether it be a wildfire, an earthquake, flooding, or sending support to our troops overseas. That is just one of the many reasons Payson is such a great place to live. Payson schools are facing a severe financial crisis. We each have the opportunity to ban together, once again, to do our part to help divert this approaching disaster. For as little as $1.30 a week each of us can make a huge difference. Please vote yes on the override proposition when you receive your ballot for the March 9 special election.

Val and Monica Nitzsche


frederick franz 6 years, 11 months ago

I'm sorry to see more scare tactics in support of the school tax override. Comparing the school funding to an earthquake or flooding is a bit theatrical!

I was sad to see that the kids were used to print up and beg for funds for the recent insert addition to the newspaper. The big stinker, however, is the post card which is being enclosed with the election ballot. We all love our kids, and this emotional plea to support schools amounts to a sway of the vote. Reject the school tax override.
Vote NO. -Fred


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