Schools Threatened By Economic Conditions



I am a retired senior who has lived in Payson since 1997. Like many of you, I keep busy in a myriad of endeavors that escaped me during a career and raising a family. One such endeavor has been substitute teaching at Payson High School since 2001. I entered that door quite by accident, on a dare from a friend. One of my life’s most rewarding adventures opened up to me on my first day as a sub.

I’d like to share with you just how warmly received I have felt all these years by the students, faculty and staff. In all of this interaction, I have grown to appreciate the phenomenal effort and the “value added” of the faculty and staff. These educators don’t ask for much in their professions of building our youth into productive, responsible life models, along with their caring parents. Much of what they do cannot be easily quantified. I can safely say that the kids will remember them in later life and thank them for playing a key part in their successes.

Today, our fine school district in Payson is today threatened by the general economic situation prevalent in the nation, as we all are to some extent. Specifically, the community could lose its Advanced Placement (AP) teaching arm, thus jeopardizing the futures of hard-working, able students who wish to enter college upon graduation, the key to which is successful completion of AP courses. Today the AP program happens to be energized by some extraordinary teachers who provide the forum for success for students with dreams of higher education. Tomorrow could present a bleak picture for many of our young men and women. College attendance is highly competitive today, and an AP program determines whether Payson High School is adequate to meet the requirements of many higher education institutions.

And here is where you and I come in: I am asking everyone who will listen to make another sacrifice, probably one of many you are already making. This one will literally will save our local system of quality education as we know it today and provide our youth with the quality education they richly deserve and now receive. Please vote yes in March for the property tax override. Our sacrifice as property owners is a small one, amounting to an additional $11.21 per $100,000 of valuation of your home per year. We seniors must never abandon our youth in their hour of need. Life for them will be tough enough in college. Please, let us help them get to college. This is an investment in our future, as well as theirs. Thank you.

Lawrence D. Farrington


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