Sycamore Lane Residents Thank Everyone For Help



The residents of lower Sycamore Lane here in Tonto Basin wish to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for (Gila County Supervisor Michael Pastor’s) assistance in alleviating our threat.

Although some homes were destroyed in the initial onslaught, many more were saved through your able assistance. It was extremely refreshing and satisfying to meet with someone who actually and truthfully sympathized with our plight and took the appropriate action.

We also wish to extend this appreciation to those county employees who worked so many long hours to provide service to all the residents of Gila County. Some names we came to be familiar with are Brent Cline, Lonnie Cline, Mark Cline and Otis Meeks who were operating equipment.

These gentlemen and others whose names are unknown to us were very understanding and helpful even though we interfered in their work with our questions and comments. The Gila County sheriff’s officers were also available during this entire period and performed their duties extremely well, keeping the residents well informed and able to evacuate in a timely and orderly fashion. All should be commended.

Again thank you for this able assistance and please extend this to the county employees.

Roger P. Foster


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