Vote Yes On Override, It Is The Right Thing To Do



My wife and I are recently retired teachers from Houston; we live on fixed incomes, have raised and educated our children (with the help of other taxpayers), and are very aware that there is a recession.

Nevertheless, we are ardent supporters of the “school override” concept.

We support the override for two reasons: first, and foremost, because it is the morally right thing to do; and secondly, because a well-educated labor force generally correlates positively with a strong local economy.

The children in this community did not cause the recession. Nor did they vote for a state Legislature, which appears to be unwilling or unable to adequately provide funding or academic oversight for public education. Yet some folks are willing to punish the children further by denying local districts the opportunity to adequately meet basic financial needs by voting against the override. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the need to take out our frustrations on the children because state leadership cannot or will not make the hard decisions necessary to provide the funding or oversight for a model educational program in the state of Arizona.

Secondly, it is to our own benefit in today’s technologically driven economy to see that our children are well educated. Over the long haul it takes a well-educated labor force, one capable of both attracting and keeping businesses in an area, to develop and sustain a strong economy.

This, of course, means that the “best bang for the buck,” both individually and corporately, is a good education. Hence, for purely selfish reasons, it makes sense to develop an educated labor force. And make no mistake, this takes money! But such expenditures need to be seen as an investment, not just as an outlay.

Finally, as an educator of 34 years experience, I’d like to point out that spending money for nurses, libraries, and needed equipment is not an extravagance. Issues such as student health, the availability of digital and print resources, and up-to-date equipment are mainstays for a proper education.

Hence, as a member of the community I am compelled to vote “yes” for our children and the future of our local economy by supporting the override.

Robert Horne



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