Give Our Children The Best Education Possible



This is in reference to David L. Tovar’s letter:

David, why you gotta be a hater?! Wow, you berated everyone from Hillary Clinton to the kids of Payson!

About the override election. I am a retired teacher and I taught classes where I had up to 50 children in a class and I can tell you that it is very hard to teach effectively with a class that large. Things have changed a lot since you were in school and even since your children went to school. Private schools rely on tuition, which you more than once said you paid for. But, public schools do not rely on tuition, they rely on tax dollars and as you said, we are in a recession. And, what do you think one of the first things the powers that be choose to cut first? Education.

You said you were against the override because you have no children in Payson and you have already paid for your children’s education. But, you are missing the point of it all. I am sure you wanted your children to have as good or better life than you, I know I did. And, because of our schools, they got that chance. They weren’t limited to decade-old books, antiquated equipment and dusty old libraries. They were given the best their school system could afford and I know for a fact, that is why my children have become what they are today.

So the point is, who are we to be so selfish as to deny the children of Payson the best education available? What was, is in the past, what is, is here and now. Payson needs our help, let’s band together to give it to them.

Jeannette Sindik


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