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It’s been a pretty challenging winter so far here at HSCAZ. We’ve been dealt a few powerful blows from Mother Nature, as well as a few nasty rounds of health issues with our puppies and kittens.

But, as usual, we just put our noses to the grindstone and work to somehow keep this old place up and running, and our residents as comfortable as possible. Thanks to our hard-working and dedicated staff as well as our devoted donors and volunteers. Year after year, long since the first year we said we’d never make it through another year in this facility, here we are.

We’ve been blessed with a few extremely talented handymen, the last being a great guy named Mike who has, without hardly even asking any questions, worked steadily and quietly and completed projects one right after another that have long needed to be done. He has made it a safer and more functional environment for all of us. Thanks, Mike!

We’ve also had a few new staff members join our team as well as a couple of new board members. Welcome aboard, one and all! Your help and dedication is desperately needed and appreciated.

A few reminders

Don’t forget to click daily at The Animal Rescue Site and vote for us. We are inching our way up to the top of the shelter challenge and stand a chance at winning in the state. Yes, this is a cash prize! And, yes, we’ll put it to good work.

Above all, please have your pets spayed and neutered, keep them current on all of their shots and together we can conquer the extreme challenge of all these unwanted animals. “Don’t breed for greed!” Call 474-5590, ext. 103 for help with your feral cat issues. Remember, “If you feed ’em, fix ’em!”

If you have any questions we can answer about our animals or programs, please call 474-5590, come and see us at 812 S. McLane Road, or look us up on the web at www.humanesociety centralaz.org.


Drifter is a 1-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix. He was picked up by one of our volunteers at the Shoofly Ruins. He was very thin and a little scared, but he has settled in now and is quite a happy dog, though he would be much happier in a home environment. Since he is a stray and no one came to reclaim him, unfortunately we don’t know any of his history. He is friendly and easy going and appears to do well with other dogs, but a meet and greet with your current dogs first would be best before taking him home for good. Drifter is a kind dog, who is looking to find a loving, affectionate, forever family that he can be a part of — one that won’t leave him again!


Heidi is a 3-year-old Chihuahua who was sadly turned over by her owner. She would do best in a single person household or with a couple without children. She is very timid, but sweet. She is nervous around children and other animals, and needs someone who is patient and understanding. Her owner had several dogs and three children and just didn’t feel right about keeping Heidi in a home where she was scared all the time. Once here, Heidi soon warmed up to us and a few of our other little dogs. She really is a sweet girl and is looking for a safe home where she can trust and feel loved. Please give this gentle, loving girl a chance, but before embarking on an amazing relationship with this great girl, please prepare your house with toys and treats!


Margo is an adorable 1-year-old Border Collie mix. She was picked up by Animal Control on Nov. 27, 2009 from Drowsey Circle. She appeared to be a little shy at first, but by the second day, she was wagging her tail and graciously accepting any attention she got from staff. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She walks well on a leash and rides well in a car. She gets along just fine with other dogs and cats and is a sweetheart around children. Margo is very intelligent and outgoing. She has the ability to learn many things, including agility, walking off-leash, basic commands and so on. She is eager to give her love to someone who will give it back to her in return. She was recently adopted and ended up getting out of the car when her adopted parents stopped at Walmart to get her some things. She was missing for almost two months until Animal Control brought her back in February. She was running around by the school dragging a busted chain. We were all so happy to see her again and it was a relief to know she was still around town. Margo will need a secure yard and fence. She is an active girl who doesn’t deserve to be chained up, but rather taken on walks and given plenty of TLC.


Calista is a 4-month-old Bulldog mix. She was brought in by PD the first week of February. Her owner did come and reclaim her, but two days later she was found by the Senior Center dragging her leash. Her owner did come back for her, but turned her over to us because he was not able to care for her properly or keep her in the yard. Calista is spayed and current on her shots. She has been around children and is good with other dogs. She is still young and playful, so she will need an active family that will be willing to train her and teach her manners. She is adorable and sweet and ready to find her forever, loving home.


Anise is a 1-year-old Border Collie mix with lots of good energy. She will be easy to train, especially with food as a reward, but will need someone with a kind, patient personality to show her the way. She was brought in as a stray on Jan. 15, and after 72 hours, no one reclaimed her, so we got her spayed and current on her vaccinations. She loves to play with the other dogs, and seems to make us all laugh at her happy disposition. She is a very friendly and outgoing girl that we feel would do best with an active family that enjoys outdoor activities like jogging or going to the dog park. Anise is good with children, but will need continued basic training and house training (which, by the way, is super easy).


Manly is an adorable 1-year-old Hound mix. He and his mom were brought in from Pine on Jan. 20 by Rabies Control after running the town. No one came looking for this sweet duo, so he now awaits with us his new, forever home. Manly is an outgoing pup with a lot of energy to burn. He would love to find a family that is active and enjoys the outdoors and long walks. He is good with other dogs and kids, but may not be suitable for a family that has cats. He may need some house training and help with leash manners, but these are easy things to teach and he is an intelligent young man ready to learn! Before you take him home, you’ll need to prepare your house, yard and family for his arrival. He sure is excited!


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