Pay As You Go



I noticed that in the “Letters to the Editor” on Tuesday, Feb. 9, a gentleman, in his “golden years,” commented that he would not vote for the school override because he had already raised his children, and had none in Arizona.

His rationale was that as he had no stake in the local schools, why should he pay to educate the children. I understand his concern, as most Americans under the age of 62 do not have a stake in a 7-1/2 percent payroll tax for Social Security and some extra for Medicare.

Social Security is on a “pay as you go” plan, so today’s taxes pay today’s benefits — perhaps for this gentleman. In other words, if the under 62s, who don’t get anything this year (and perhaps for the next 50) stop paying ... Social Security stops paying. I hope that those folks with school-age children do not read this, as I am 65.

John Stanton


frederick franz 6 years, 11 months ago

If you are an adult, no matter what your age, you have been paying taxes to fund the school tax override. The school system is still spending funds from the last override. Now they want another 7 years of override funding. This over spending should be stopped now. We all pay high enough taxes for schools. Vote NO on the school override. Vote NO on the Home Rule over spending. -Fred


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