Support The School Override



Mr. Tovar’s reasons for not supporting the school override sadden me.

My husband and I have watched our two children progress through the Payson Unified School system from first-grade through high school.

They were each able to take advantage of the instruction and courses offered and now have received a variety of scholarships that are allowing them to continue their education and become productive members of society.

If too many people have Mr. Tovar’s attitude that “it is unfair to us that have no children in Payson schools,” then today’s students will not have the same chance for a good education as my children and Mr. Tovar’s children. Just as other people helped pay for my children and Mr. Tovar’s children, we now owe the opportunity for a good education to these students and their futures.

I have been involved in various ways with the school district, and hold the administrators, teachers and support staff in the highest respect.

They are dealt the cards from our state legislators and federal government and we know that we can’t ask for a re-deal.

I, just like my neighbors, friends and family, am on a tight budget and every time we turn around, we are asked to pay for something new. But I will never say “NO” to education. I am a homeowner and my taxes will go up.

Citizens in the Payson Unified School District, this is our future!

Even with the override money PUSD will still have to tighten the budget, but we can salvage the most important programs in our educational system.

I support the PUSD override!

Eileen Daniels


frederick franz 6 years, 11 months ago

The school system is still spending funds from the last override. Now they want another 7 years of override funding. This over spending should be stopped now. We all pay high enough taxes for schools. Vote NO on the school override. Vote NO on the Home Rule over spending. -Fred


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