Vote Yes For The School Override



Most senior and middle-aged citizens (with private school graduates the exception) are the lucky beneficiaries of a public education. Shouldn’t we vote for the school override for today’s students, so we hold up our end of the bargain? It’s called paying it forward and to deny this current student body the opportunity we had is negligent, selfish and just plain wrong. For the most part we had reasonably sized classes, nurses, libraries, etc. Don’t our students nowadays deserve the same?

Yes, times are tough, but isn’t it foolish to not pay a little now so we won’t have to pay a higher price later? Inadequate education equates with a higher crime rate, poverty and despair in general. Isn’t it an obligation as patriotic Americans that we provide the necessary support for our future citizens?

Even though I am unemployed and have no children; I am voting yes because it is the right thing to do! Just remember education is not a luxury for a healthy society, it is a requirement.

Doug Stevenson


frederick franz 6 years, 11 months ago

The school system is still spending funds from the last override. Now they want another 7 years of override funding. This over spending should be stopped now. We all pay high enough taxes for schools. Vote NO on the school override. Vote NO on the Home Rule over spending. -Fred


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