Welcome To North Mexico



Think back to 1987, when we voted to have English as our official language. Though the majority of citizens were in favor of this amendment, we have more voting material, etc. printed in Spanish than ever before.

We should not have to pay for translators, nor the paper, ink or employees needed to put all these documents in Spanish.

And, we have teachers telling the English speaking children they should learn Spanish!

If those from Mexico want their own language and culture, they should have stayed home ... help build up their own country instead of costing our country billions to put them through school — on welfare — with free medical and, of course, the cost to us of thousands in our jails.

Illegal aliens cost the state of Arizona $780 million a year.

Illegals if you don’t want to speak English and if you don’t want to be a “legal” American citizen ... go home.

By the way, why don’t we have anything printed in Italian, German, Japanese or Swedish? This is discrimination.

Ann Joachim


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