College Is Good For Payson



So what’s wrong with a college being located here? I don’t get it.

To listen to the “Against making Payson a College town” post on Feb. 9, one would think that Payson is supported solely by retired persons.

This may be true in Sun City, but this isn’t Sun City. This could quite possibly the best thing to happen to Payson since the advent of the wheel.

Now of course I realize that the advent of the wheel brought along the advent of the car, and with that traffic. Not that the older folks mind driving their cars around as long as there aren’t any of them young whippersnappers getting in their way as they poke along down the 87 to the Valley to get their major purchases, as you see Walmart just doesn’t quite have what they’re looking for.

And, yes, why would a poor starving college student want to stay in a nice quiet small community, get a good job, marry, and raise a family here?

Seems like the rule of thumb for some folks in Payson are, retired well to do are welcome, middle class tolerated but not condoned, defiantly no poor vagrants, industry jobs blocked at every corner, and kids eyed suspiciously as a threat.

Best thing for them ASU folks is to pack their bags and trash the place on their way outta town, ’cause they aren’t a welcome here. No sir’ree, not welcome here at all.

Ed Johnson


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