Concerns With Extension Of The School Board Override



I would like to take this opportunity to express my concerns with the proposed override.

I would like to point out that we are in a recession! The government continues to spend, and we citizens are faced with a large deficit spending environment. The commercial mortgage delinquency rate is now more than six times the level it was a year ago. The FDIC says 416 banks are at risk of failure, up from 117 a year ago. The town had to lay off employees or cut back hours of employees. Sooner or later the government has to face the reality of balancing its budget. Some of we citizens cannot afford more expenses during these hard times. We need to demand accountability. This is the time to restrain from frivolous spending.

We have had to make difficult decisions regarding personal financial matters. Education is critical to becoming good responsible citizens, plus family budget planning for household expenses. Why are our public schools having difficulties with finances, but also in meeting standards set by the state, yet private and charter schools do not. We need to vote for a voucher system, not a budget override.

Any diversified business had controllers who obtain data from department heads as to requirements to cover labor costs, necessities for present and future growth, and any replacement assets, etc. Now we’re informed that the text books are few and outdated, schools need up to date and expanded music, physical education and library expenditures. All I have to say is someone is not doing his/her job!

The American people in the past have faced our responsibilities of supporting our families. Now we are requested to be responsible for the community’s children including illegal folks. The U.S. national debt and trade gap is huge, and growing, the dollar and banking system edging toward collapse, this is the time to restrain from frivolous spending.

I am against the override issue as I think it is unfair to us who have no children in Payson schools, we have already paid for our children’s education, plus. Also the override contributes to allowing overspending in certain areas of the school’s budget, i.e., nurses, library, equipment, etc. Has any thought been presented as to the principals and coaches teaching, is there counselors available, and most important, how about discipline, even in the hallways? How about involvement of the parents with teacher, parent-teachers’ nights, etc.

It appears that the PUSD is very conscientious and caring pertaining to our children, however, I wonder if greed is also in play?

Robert G. Sanders


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