Our Kids Matter



Jordan slouches at her desk glimpsing at the elephant-shaped cloud wishing her art instructor will teach her how to paint. Logan listens to the notes spinning around in his head, praying that he will learn to play the saxophone. Pipe dreams for these two or reality ... the voters in Payson will make this choice for them.

Do you think like David L. Tovar who wrote in the Payson Roundup, “I am against the override issue as I think it is unfair to us who have no children in Payson schools, we have already paid for our children’s education, high school, college, whatever”? Or do you think like Jim and Mari who believe that money is only paper.

Jim remembers, “We lost our business and life savings over 25 years ago. As seniors, we will never come close again to having a quarter of what we lost. In the twilight of our remaining years, we know that this generation will never have the fabulous life we had as children.

“We never had to hide behind locked doors, we could leave our bikes out and find them the next day still where we dropped them. We could play outside for hours and our parents didn’t have to worry about kidnappers.”

Mari interjects, “Some of the kids had band practice. Some took drama or art classes. These gave them a well-rounded education. Do today’s children deserve less?”

The best of times or worst of times financially shouldn’t matter. We cannot condone selfishness. Sharing our time, monies, talents, and love only enhances the giving.

If I must see tears streaming down their little faces, I hope they were produced from seeing something of beauty instead of having their hearts broken.

Open your hearts and wallets and let all the children in Payson know that we care enough to give them the very best. Please vote YES to the override.

Mari Janecek


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