Wrinkle-Free Garment Isn’T


I’m all in favor of avoiding harsh chemicals whenever possible, but sometimes stronger methods are called for. For instance: pre-emergent on gravel pathways and the cracks between paving stones.

Once the weeds emerge, almost nothing natural (i.e. vinegar) gets rid of them.

Granted, I could get down on my hands and knees and dig them out, but that’s not going to happen.


Why do manufacturers and/or the government insist on protecting me from myself? I don’t need anyone deciding my iron is too hot and making them so that they won’t even scorch silk. I want a HOT iron when I need it; I know how to turn it down. Nowadays you can’t even get an iron hot enough to get wrinkles out of dampened cotton.

And who needs steam irons? The only thing they’re good for is to sharpen pleats in wool or touch up lightly creased fabrics. And what about artificial fabrics? Are any of them really wrinkle free? No. They all need touching up.

Look around. Everyone’s clothing is wrinkled. And all because they know ironing them is a waste of time and energy, and besides no one notices anymore. Except me.


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