Getting Gardening Fever; Ready For Spring


Snow! More snow!

Tonto Village still has snow on the ground from the last storm. The white stuff started to fall on Saturday, Feb. 20 through Monday, Feb. 22. The total accumulation is about four inches on top of what we already had. The bad part was the temperature falling rapidly on Monday afternoon with the wind picking up. By Monday afternoon, the temperature was 20 degrees! I am so ready for spring.

The gardening fever is about to start, the stores are carrying some of the flowers and the seeds for tomato plants. Then I look out the window and see that there is still snow on the ground. there will be no planting for about a month or more.

Meetings for March

The Tonto Village Domestic Water Improvement District will hold its monthly meeting on March 2 at the Hellsgate Fire Station in Tonto Village. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend and comments are encouraged.

The next meeting of the Hellsgate Fire Board will be held on March 10 at the Star Valley Fire Station. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. As always, the meeting is open to the public. Fire Chief Gary Hatch told me that the meetings in Tonto Village will start in May. That decision was made because of the conditions of the parking lot at station #22 and the inclement weather.

Bear Flat

Longtime resident, Dara Sutton reported that the other road into Bear Flat, the 405 A road which is the road near Little Green Valley, is in very bad shape. Even with a four-wheel drive vehicle, the road is just about impassable. In a few places, the road is washed out and the culverts have been washed away. Dara is suggesting that everyone use the road on Highway 260 near the divided highway.

Mead and Collins Ranch

Rick Washburn and Jay Wagner have returned from a trip to South America, visiting Chile, Argentina and Patagonia. They went rafting, hiking and touring with a group of people and they had a great time. Rick says that the national parks are incredible. Could a slide show be sometime soon?

Get well wishes

Sue Prach of Tonto Village I will be having surgery next week in Connecticut. Sue is a nine-ball player on Tuesday evenings at the Double D. Prayers and get well wishes go out to her for a successful surgery.


Joan Norem of Tonto Village III and Mesa will start the month of March off with her birthday falling on March 1. Joan is a vital part of the Hellsgate “fireflies” auxiliary and an avid dominoes player in the Village. Erick Kirchhoefer, also of Tonto Village III, will celebrate his big day on March 6. Erick is one of those people who will be right there if help is needed. March 8 is Theresa Meeker’s big day. As many of you know, Theresa is my good fishing buddy. Theresa was lucky enough to land a lunker of a trout two years back. She can most certainly out-fish me, but we always have a great time.

Bill Snyder, my hubby, will be 75 on his birthday on March 9. Bill is always busy with his many projects that are vital to finishing our remodeled home.

I wish for all the birthday people, a very happy birthday. May your birthday make you feel great and special as you all are.

Double D Doings

Last Tuesday evening brought out all the gals from the Village and Christopher Creek for their weekly nine-ball tournament. The Village gals shutout everyone else. The winners were Kara Shaw, Ethel Cain and Linda Stailey taking first, second and third places. Congratulations to the winners.


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