Remembering A Night Filled With Shirley Temples And Blinkie-Light-Things


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

The Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church will have services on March 7 in the chapel. The repairs will be complete.

Currently ranked No. 1 at the Creekside poker tournaments (part of the larger Tavern Poker League) is Dennis O’neill.

I was asked to see if anyone had any good Heber White stories. From what little I’ve heard, I understand he is related to the famous quarterback Danny White and was one heck of a character.

Speaking of famous people, here is another “famous person” story provided to me by Rod Britain:

It was a dark and rainy night, Feb. 11, 2005. The winter in Christopher Creek thus far had been wetter than any one could remember. But that particular night was memorable for another reason. Valentine’s weekend would mean a spurt of activity in the restaurant at Creekside. I checked on dinner reservations after clocking in and noticed a party of 23 booked at seven-thirty in the President’s Room. No more thought was given until later when through the service window came a drink order which called for 13 Shirley Temples along with some beers and such. The waitress clued me in as to what was a father-daughter outing and they were staying at Camp Tontozona. Nothing much more was going on until the repeat orders for Shirley Temples which probably ended up numbering about 50.

The waitresses were laughing about the girls eating the sugar packages and the girls were running up and down the three steps between the dining room and the restroom, giggling and shrieking until I really got after them.

“No giggling!”

That brought shrills of laughter as they judged the mock seriousness of my voice. Things quieted for a minute or two as the girls rejoined the dads, but then there they were. Standing two deep at the end of the bar were 13 daughters aging 10 down to about 4.

“The waitress says you have the blinkie-light-things.”

This girl was about 8 and seemed to be the ringleader of the outfit. Dumping the plastic

bucket of blinkie-light-things on the bar delighted the bunch. They were each taking one

of the blinkie-light-things which they each had picked out and ran back to their respective

daddy only to return after being dismissed without the required three dollars.

The ringleader, the persistent one, however, insisted that I sell her one because she had 35 cents and she got the explanation that, no, then everyone would want one for 35 cents and the (maker of the blinkie-light-things) wouldn’t make any money and I wouldn’t make any money and the only one who would be happy would be her and ... AND THEN SHE SAID, “I can get you my daddy’s autograph ...”

The smaller girl next to the ringleader was pulling on her sleeve and saying, “You’re going to get in trouble.”

But I bit and I asked,”Well, what’s your name?”

“Gabriella,” she came back.

“And just what is your daddy’s name, young lady?” I mocked.

“My daddy is CURT SCHILLING.”

“Like that’s gonna happen ...” I was saying as Curt Schilling walked into the bar.

“Let’s go, girls,” he says abruptly, while herding the girls to the door.

“Wait, Daddy, I promised the man your autograph for one of his blinkie-light-things,” begged Gabriella. Then like a flash I produced a place mat and at the front counter my buddy Curt asks, “Who should I make this to?”

As he was signing I was lining up the girls.

“OK, girls, one blinkie-light-things apiece.”

“Thanks, Rod”

“Thanks, Curt”

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Thanks again for reading the column


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