Taxpayers Want Government At All Levels To Spend Less



Based on Roundup reports and looking at the upcoming town election, I am struck by a couple of issues which I feel should be addressed by our town council candidates.

The Payson Town Council recently voted to authorize our mayor to enter into an IGA to build a traffic circle at the Beeline and Airport Road.

Payson has no money; Arizona has no money and $1,000,000 plus is going to be spent to “fix” an intersection, which hasn’t even rated a stoplight?

“We” have also decided not to continue a mutual aid agreement with the Hellsgate Fire Department which costs Payson $130,000 a year in order to build a $1,400,000 Payson Fire Station down the road from the Hellsgate Station. If the “paper” is to be believed, this will be a station that P.F.D. cannot afford to fully staff nor equip and might well put Hellsgate out of business.

Mayor Evans is reported to have said the public spoke in 2005 and voted for a sales tax increase to pay for a third fire station. So where has four years of that revenue gone? Our vice mayor thinks today’s bargain prices on construction costs represents a savings. If you are broke and can’t afford to pay for what you already have in place, you cannot afford to save by borrowing to spend more.

I am just one voice, but I suggest that taxpayers want government, at all levels, to spend less and reduce taxes, fees and restrictions.

Thom Chafey


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